Girls' Game

Thus Far

Irlina, cleric to Irori, walks into a bar. I know, it sounds like a bad joke, but there she was. She has had a vision from her deity to find a Halfling and an Elf to help her on her quest for a hidden temple.

She easily finds the Halfling, Nizi, sitting at the bar and the two become riotously drunk and agree to join forces. The elf, Dreyden, joins them later after overhearing their conversation. By the end of the night, they all seem set on their common goal: find the lost temple of Irori.

In the night, they are kidnapped by slavers and awake in cages. Irlina and Nizi find themselves incarcerated with several other characters, including a dwarf and a brooding young woman. They are in the gladiator pits underground and fight several battles, all victorious. They are then rescued by Nizi’s scholarly friend Pight; he has sold several of his prized books to buy them out. He also finds Dreyden, who was in the slave pens by herself, and he buys her, her familiar Spot, and a dire badger she struck up a friendship with named CowCruncher BoneDigger. The party is reunited at Pight’s house where he begins translating Nizi’s map.


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